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How can I help raise money for Ortega students?

Ask your friends and family to sponsor your Otter in this FUNdraising event! Students gather sponsors by asking for friends, family, and neighbors for flat sum donations. Pledges are a flat amount, not per lap. The completed Sponsor Sheet & Pledge Money must be turned in to the front office or student’s teacher by Friday, October 20th, to qualify for prizes. Students get to complete a colorful and fun, movement-filled course, all while raising money for the school!

To donate, you can use the "Sponsor an Otter" link below, or use the form in the Color Walk & Roll Information Packet (if you prefer check or cash). If using the form, it can be returned to your child's teacher or the front office with the collected donations. Checks can be made payable to Ortega PTO. Support your favorite Otter(s)!

What is the Color Walk & Roll?

The COLOR WALROLL is like a normal walk-a-thon interspersed with movement stations, and with more flair and color! As students pass by various checkpoints, they will be showered with color from parents participating at the color stations. The non-toxic powder contains corn starch, baking soda and food dye.  

It's a great way for our students to spend a day earning money for our school while promoting physical fitness. This year we will be holding this fundraiser on Friday, October 20th during school hours. 


Ortega PTO will be providing each student participant with a COLOR WALROLL t-shirt, sunglasses, and a mask (if desired). Ortega PTO is asking for a suggested donation of $10 for kids t-shirts. To ensure that your child receives a t-shirt, a t-shirt form needs to be filled out for EACH child, one child per form. No donation is required to receive a t-shirt, but if you would like to donate or order additional shirts, the cost is $10 per shirt. Any additional t-shirts can all be ordered using one order form. The sunglasses, mask, and t-shirt may be worn on the day of the walk. Order your t-shirt by September 29th using the "Order a Shirt" button above

Why do we need this fundraising event?

Pacifica School District is THE lowest funded district in San Mateo County. This is for a number of reasons, but the end result is that our district gets about $10,000 less per student than the county average. The difference between the highest funded district in the county and us is a whopping $26,000 per student! [Source:] This means we NEED to fundraise throughout the year so we can financially support the great programs offered like Art, Garden Science, and PlayWorks (P.E.) for our students. 

What does the Color Walk & Roll FUNdraiser support?

The money collected from COLOR WALROLL will be used to help pay for Ortega's:

  • Garden Science Fellow,

  • Art Instructor, 

  • Play Works (P.E.) Instructor, 

  • Science Nights, 

  • Community-focused Events


100% of the money raised from the COLOR WALROLL goes to our school! No middle man/company that we have to pay!


Help us keep all of these great programs by donating below!

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