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Ortega Traffic Update for 2021-2022

Dear Ortega Families,

A new school or new school year can be very stressful. This traffic update was kindly provided by the Ortega office to make the first day, hopefully, a little calmer:

For families who typically drive to school and plan to use Terra Nova Blvd. from Fassler, please be advised that Terra Nova High school starts at the same time we do this year, 8:30am. This is new.

This means there will be a lot more drivers on this route than in past years. Between 8-8:40 you can expect a traffic jam between Fassler and T.N Highschool, making it difficult to get to Ortega.

You can use Crespi to Lerida to bypass if coming up Fassler or simply take the long way around using Linda Mar Blvd.

Remember that our parking lot isn't the greatest and parking is scarce as half is designated/marked staff parking. Please be mindful of those spots as well as the one marked Reserved for Auction Winner. If needed, handicapped parking spots are available in the upper lot. This is the only reason any parent should drive to the upper lot.

For a smooth morning, please plan accordingly and if possible walk or carpool to school.

If driving through to drop off, with no plans to park, please do your best to use the outside lane, pull forward as far as you can, have kids ready to get out when you approach the curb in front. Please refrain from getting out of your car. We will be available to assist children.

Parking in the red zone or blocking the school van drop off spot is extremely discouraged.

Last but not least, 8:15-8:45 RIGHT TURNS ONLY when exiting the lot. There is a sign posted. Left turns really put a kink in the flow and cause unnecessary hazards.

Thank you for doing your part to keep things running smoothly.


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