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Student Portraits Needed for Yearbook & Information on Spring Pictures (3/13)

Friendly reminder for those students who were not photographed by Lifetouch in the fall.

**This applies to students from all learning models.**

Portrait submissions are due this week. Portrait submissions should be taken forward facing, head and shoulders only, against a neutral background from approx. 2 feet away. These submissions should be emailed directly to: so as not to be lost in the shuffle of other yearbook photo submissions.

Any student not photographed will have a "Not Pictured" stamp in their photo spot.

All other photo submissions should continue to be uploaded to our Shutterfly Share Site thru Friday, April 2.


Reminder: Spring picture day is 3/31/21, 9am-2:30pm in our MPR. No last name schedule needed. Come when available during those hours. Ordering infor


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