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Volunteers Needed for the Ortega Basket Auction & Raffle

The Ortega Basket Auction & Raffle committee needs your help! In order to have a successful auction, we are asking for each class to have at least 2-3 volunteers to help solicit businesses and 1 volunteer to organize their class project.

Please consider signing up to be a solicitor for your class OR be a class project lead and organize your class project to be on display and auctioned off at our Annual Auction.

For Solicitors: By having 2-3 volunteers per class each solicitor will only need to solicit 5 businesses. Volunteers will be contacted with business information and directions.

For Class Project Leads: Class projects have become a tradition at our school's auction. Volunteers who sign up to be in charge of their class projects will also be contacted with details and information.

Thank you for supporting Ortega! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at


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