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What Does The PTO Fund?

With the financial support of Ortega's Community and Families Ortega's PTO is able to provide garden science, art, technology, PlayWorks and school-wide activities. These classes and activities enhance and build on work done in other areas of study, allow for exploration and research, and build self-esteem, curiosity, teamwork and collaboration with other students. Ortega's PTO also supports the Library program and teacher reimbursements through fundraisers and volunteer help.


Ortega's Art Program is 100% funded by the PTO. All students study and practice in Ortega's Art Room weekly. Students are introduced to 7 art centers: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printing and Fiber Arts and are given a chance to create and explore each of these areas. Students are allowed to work independently or collaboratively.


Ortega's approach for teaching art is based off of the Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) method and allows students to try many different art styles and mediums and practice more in the ones they enjoy the most.


By giving freedom and guidance, students are able to develop creativity, problem solving and the chance to take risks - all important lifetime skills that deserve much attention and practice.



Ortega's Garden Science Program is 100% funded by the PTO. All students spend time in Ortega's Garden Classroom with a garden instructor. All lessons are specific to grade level and aligned to state science standards. This gives students the opportunity to learn about life cycles, ecosystems, human impact, and where their food comes from.



Ortega students visit the library weekly. The library is partially funded through PTO fundraising to ensure that students have access to books that align with their interests.

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