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Ortega's 2024 Read-A-Thon
March 4 - March 22

What is Ortega's Read-A-Thon?


Ortega’s Read-a-Thon is a chance to foster a love of reading in our students while raising funds to support our school. A few of the ways our fundraising efforts will be used this year is to help Mrs. Hall purchase multiple copies of books so students can have on site book clubs, help add to the diverse authors in the library, and to purchase other items to help Mrs. Hall enhance Ortega’s Library.

This year’s theme and details are coming soon! 

Reading Logs

During the Read-a-Thon students will record all minutes read, both in the classroom and at home.  All reading counts: books, newspapers, magazines, graphic novels, internet stories, homework reading, etc.


All students who meet the minimum required reading each week and fill out the google form, will get entered into raffle drawing for a book. The student who reads the most in each grade will be awarded a $15 Gift Card to Florey's Book Co., and have their name and photo taken for our newsletter and front hallway.

Students will log their time for the week here on the following google forms.


The link for Week 1 is coming

The link for Week 2 is coming

The link for Week 3 is coming


Please be sure that your child enters their Reading Minutes on the Google Forms to be eligible for the Reading Prizes!


Minimum Reading Requirements

TK, Kindergarten,1st and 2nd graders read a minimum of 20 minutes per night.

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders must read a minimum of 30 minutes per night. 


The expectation is for each student to do his/her personal best.  In TK/Kinder, parents may actively read to students; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students are encouraged to do as much independent reading as possible; 4th and 5th grade students should manage their reading and logs with minimal guidance.

Pledges (these are details from last year, and we will update soon)

This year, Ortega will be using 99Pledges to take donations.  This is a site designed specifically for schools and organizations to organize these types of events.  The site is user friendly, and is a more streamlined way to take donations as well as share the pledge information with family and friends.  To get started, all you need to do is go to:


  • Click on the link that you will receive via email in the coming days.  The link is your child’s pledge page.

  • You do not need to login or change anything.  

  • Simply make a donation for whatever you can, and share your child’s link with friends and family.  

  • If you do not receive the email for whatever reason, simply search and find your child’s online pledge page here:


Students can win prizes for themselves, their class, and the entire school!


Class Prizes

  • Every class with 80% participation, reading the minimum required nightly, and submitting their logs will earn a popsicle party!  The teacher will earn a gift certificate to Starbucks.

  • Every Class with 100% participation, reading the minimum required nightly and submitting their logs will earn a hot chocolate and special reading time party!!  The teacher will earn a gift certificate to Target.

  • Every Class raising a combined $2000 or more will earn a popsicle/otterpop party!


School Wide Prizes

If we work together as a school, there are some amazing opportunities!

  • $2,500 Raised: Crazy Hair Day

  • 55% School Wide Participation: Dress as your Favorite Book Character

  • $5,000 Raised: Pajama Day

  • 65% School Wide Participation: Principal Dresses up for the Day (Photo Op Time!)

  • $7,000 Raised: Crazy Hat Day

  • 80% School Wide Participation: Chalk the Blacktop Event

  • $12,000 Raised: Extra Recess Time

  • 90% School Wide Participation: Duct Tape Principal to Wall!!


Individual Prizes

  • Every student raising $500 or more will be invited to a special ice cream sundae party after school!

  • The student who reads the most in each grade will receive special recognition and a $15  Florey’s Book Co. Gift Card!

  • Students who submit all 3 weeks of their Read-A-Thon logs will be entered in a raffle to win a book (3 total).


Raffle prizes (one raffle submission for every $20 raised by student):

  1. $25 Target Gift Card

  2.  Book Set 

  3. Ortega Otter Sweatshirt

  4. Ortega Otter T-Shirt

  5. $15 Magic Toybox Gift Card


QUESTIONS/CONCERNS: Contact Ortega’s Read-a-Thon Coordinators, Andriana Antoniou,, Dawn Rege,

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