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Mission: Ortega Elementary PTO creates an active, cohesive community of families, faculty and staff at Ortega Elementary School. This organization works to achieve the visions and goals developed for Ortega Elementary School through the support of the enrichment and recognition programs.

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I wish you all a very warm welcome as we embark on the 2021-2022 school year together.  One of the things that makes our school and community so very special is the partnership between the incredible teachers and staff at Ortega Elementary School and our involved and engaged  families like yours.  I look forward to meeting and working with you over the coming year.


The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) comprises every parent or guardian of an Ortega student and all teachers and professional staff.  We are an independent organization and do not have any state or national affiliation; we also do not support any political platforms.  Being independent allows us to keep all funds that we raise in house for our school and its programs.


Our PTO mission is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff at Ortega Elementary. Our goal is to enhance and maximize each child’s education while helping them to achieve their highest potential. To meet this important goal, it is imperative that we have engaged parents and that we fundraise from our immediate and extended Ortega family.  


When all families participate, we can best achieve our goals. We recognize that each family will participate in the PTO in their own way. Our monthly PTO meetings are open to parents or guardians; we encourage your engagement.


We offer many opportunities for fundraising from direct giving, to purchasing PTO-related goods, to sponsoring a student in school-wide events, and many more! We need families who can donate their time and we have a multitude of volunteer opportunities.

Every dollar and every hour that you donate to Ortega is greatly appreciated. We hope your involvement helps us reach our goals for students and also deepens your connection to the Ortega community.


For more information and all the latest news about Ortega events and activities, be sure you are on the email list for OtterTown News (visit to sign up).

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