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School Hours

*Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:15, since we do not have supervision available until that time.
*Once a student is dropped off, they should not leave campus until dismissal, unless they are signed out in the office by a parent.
*Please remember that TTT and the Boy’s and Girl’s club offer before/after school childcare in the portables on our campus (TTT) or just a mile away (B&G Club who has a van to transport kids).
*We know parents work and may need to drop-off students earlier than 8:15 or pick them up later than dismissal, but for your child’s safety we ask you to register them with TTT or B&G club.

Visitors at School

*Per state law, all Ortega visitors must check in at the school office and obtain a Visitor’s Button.

Drop-off/Pick-up Procedure

*Students may not be dropped off earlier than 8:15 am.
*Pull as far forward as possible BEFORE unloading your passengers.
*Drivers STAY in your car. Getting out of the car stops the flow of traffic.
*Drop off on curbside only. Inside lane is for through traffic.
*Once student is dropped off/picked up, drivers are asked to move on immediately to keep traffic flowing.​​
*Once students are dropped off, they should not leave campus until dismissal, unless signed out by a parent.
*All pedestrians should cross the street within the crosswalks only.
*Please be courteous to other drivers and vigilant in watching out for the safety of our students
*Do not double park and leave your car unattended.
*NO LEFT TURN 8:15 - 8:45 am (Right turn only. It is a traffic violation to turn left during the posted time)

Parking Lot

*If you need to enter the school, park in a designated parking space.
*Unless you are in a designated parking space, please do not leave your car unattended.
*Staff spots are for staff only.
*Drop off from the right-hand lane only. The left-hand lane is for through traffic.
*Do not double park and leave your car unattended.

Reserved Parking Spot

*Please respect the Reserved Parking spot in the front of our school.
*This spot belongs to the Auction Winner ONLY and, as the posted signage states, is unavailable to the rest of the Ortega Community Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Please do not use this parking spot for "quick" drop-offs and pick-ups for school and/or TTT daycare.

Volunteer Policy

The Pacifica School District and Ortega Elementary ask that you review the district guidelines for volunteering. Also review the volunteer roles in the link below to see what roles may match your skills or interests. If you are interested, please complete the Volunteer form and submit the completed document along with your interest to the school office.

Facebook Guidelines for Ortega PTO Site

The purpose of the PTO Facebook is to promote a sense of community through notifications of Ortega activities, fundraisers, events as well as a parent forum that promotes support and understanding of Ortega school.

*All Postings are monitored by our Facebook Administrators.
*Do post forums about Ortega fundraisers, activities or events.
*Any current parent/guardian may join the group. Must be 18 years or older. No children please.
*Do not post advertisements. This includes coupons or ads from another website such as groupon, etc. . . . *Advertisements are approved by the Executive PTO members.
*Official PSD or Ortega School information must be approved by Principal and posted by the Administrators.
*Be kind and courteous in your posts.
*This page is not appropriate for complaints or serious school matters. Please refer these matters to your child’s teacher and/or Principal.
*Any posts not following these guidelines will be deleted.

If you have any questions please contact the Facebook Administrators: Tenishia or Denise

Thank you for consideration and support!
-Ortega PTO Facebook Administrators

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